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Rossmann Turkey Continues Its Digital Transformation Rapidly with Cisco Meraki…


Founded in 1972 by Dirk Rossmann in Germany and quickly becoming a world giant, the Rossmann brand offers a rich product portfolio to its customers under the drogerie markt concept. Rossmann has more than 4500 stores across Europe; Entering the Turkish market in 2009, it brings Rossmann quality brands to its customers through 130 stores, e-commerce platforms and market placelers throughout Turkey. The brand, which gained the appreciation of Turkish customers in a short time after being included in the Turkish market, has become one of the biggest brands in the sector in our country. Rossmann, which sets its the basic working principle as offering global and local brand products at “affordable prices”, brings together many products and brands you are looking for with its price scale, which offers ease of purchase.

Information Technologies Manager Cemil Sancak stated that; 24/7 detection, planning, implementation and continuous improvement efforts are critical to meet needs and technological infrastructure of Rossmann which growing by spreading across Turkey in 28 cities and with 130 stores and 1200 employees.

Powered by Cisco Meraki MX firewall and MRI access point solutions, Rossmann’s IT infrastructure now easily supports its fast-growing structure with a robust and secure network across enterprise offices, warehouse facilities, and stores.


Rossmann had previously used several different manufacturer solutions together, and this had made it difficult for the Rossmann IT team to effectively manage the network across scattered locations. The Rossmann IT team needed a solution that provided a better network management experience with fewer resources.


Considering the rapidly expanding structure with new stores, increasing workload and user demands, Rossmann IT team wanted Meraki solutions to simplify administration and maintenance, and provide full control over the entire network. By experimenting with Meraki solutions, Rossmann discovered how easy it can actually be to manage their network from the cloud, troubleshoot and manage it.

“Rossmann IT team stated that Meraki’s ease of management is a big factor in decision-making processes.”

In addition, Rossmann met with the Meraki MX450, a next-generation firewall solution under the guidance of Forest Technology. Improving and making existing security solutions more powerful, Meraki MX solution offers a complete layer of security that eliminates potential threats, especially with its intrusion prevention system and intrusion detection system.

“We preferred Meraki because it is reliable, manageable and scalable. We became able to manage our entire network from a single window over the cloud. It is now very easy to make maps on a floor basis and on a location basis.”

  • System and Network Management Team

It was very important that all office employees were included in the network with wireless and WIFI-6, and that there were no disruptions to users’ network experiences while this was happening. At the same time, this was an important decision that must be carefully addressed in network security. Meraki improves network access experiences for employees in an office work environment with wireless access points, automatic firmware update feature and layer 7 network security support, while maximizing security.

“With the benefits of Cisco Meraki solutions, we can find more time on the issues and agendas that will add value to our company, which we should focus on while reducing the workload of our IT team.”

  • Cemil Sancak – IT Manager


With its cloud-based control panel, the Rossmann IT team can easily manage its networks spanning 28 cities and over 130 stores from headquarters buildings in Istanbul, and determine new policies in seconds across the entire network with a single click.

“With Meraki, we can easily see which access point does not work at any time, the intensity of use, the access details from a single management screen. If there’s a problem, all we have to do is take a quick look at our entire network via Meraki DashBoard. If we are after working hours and outside the office, we can do this safely even through a simple application that we install on our phones.

  • System and Network Management Team

As part of Rossmann’s future expansion plan, Meraki will allow it to reduce distribution times for new stores. They will be able to clone existing settings easily and transfer these configurations from the cloud to new devices in minutes. It will allow them to set up a secure network that is easy to manage.
They will be able to save time and budget…


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