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Acun Medya makes business processes in the media sector more efficient with NetApp solutions.

With NetApp FAS 8200, the improvement in the performance of business processes is immediately noticed.

In addition to being Turkey’s largest production company, Acun Medya is also considered one of the largest in Europe. Acun Medya, which produces successful contents for its customers from all over the world, is also watched with interest in many countries, especially Turkey, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

It was critical that many productions of different dimensions at home and abroad were carried out simultaneously. Storing file formats which have high band width without loss of performance and moving critical data directly to the cloud was constituting the most important part of the job. Therefore, it was decided that the NetApp FAS 8200 data storage solution is the best solution for critical business processes.



Forest Technology Solutions co-founder Erhan Evgin stated in his assessment of the project:

Since the first day of our establishment, our focus has always been on bringing the right solutions together with the needs of our customers. In this direction, we offer products, solutions and services in different subjects by partnering with the leading technology companies in the sector. Our primary principle is to bring our customers together with the most accurate technology manufacturers and solutions and to ensure the highest satisfaction. In line with this principle, we offer adaptive solutions for the future with technology consultancy services.

“NetApp is one of the most important technology brands among solutions being served by Forest Technology Solutions. The primary reason for this is directly related to the strong product portfolio that NetApp offers, how it leads to changing conditions, and how all this overlaps with our corporate perspective.”

Expressing his satisfaction as a result of this project, Acun Medya Group Information Technology Director Savaş Murat Alkım said, We are currently running many business processes that create loads in different profiles in the same storage unit simultaneously . On the one hand, the productions in the director  are recorded on camera, while on the other hand, the work of the editing teams on the same files can continue without affecting each other.


We immediately noticed the increase in performance and fluid operation of both our automation and editing systems. The stability of the product allows us to automate many workflows and operations in a comfortable way. In addition, NetApp solutions can be integrated extremely easily into cloud scenarios, making two-way data migration an ordinary part of the daily operation.”

Tech Data NetApp Corporate Customer Manager Can Toklu expressed his views on the project with the following words:

“As NetApp, we continue to produce solutions to meet Acun Medya’s ever-increasing data storage capacity and effective data management needs. NetApp FAS 8200 data storage system used in Acun Medya is positioned to work seamlessly with the media content management system and all other applications that reach the data storage infrastructure. NetApp FAS data storage systems provide high performance in parallel data access scenarios and provide data storage infrastructures to create ideal high-capacity and performance solutions, especially in areas where access to image processing and image should be fast and uninterrupted, such as media.”

At the same time, thanks to NetApp  ONTAP®  operating system, It is possible to add both capacity and controller on NetApp systems in Acun Medya without interruption. In this way, the growing needs of Acun Medya, which is growing rapidly, will be able to scale on its existing systems horizontally and vertically as much as it needs, keeping total ownership costs low.”


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