Build Future-Ready Infrastructure

Applications drive today’s business and achieving optimal application performance requires a modern, end-to-end infrastructure.

With new applications, exponential increases in data, and tightening budgets, IT teams need modern computing infrastructures and effective data management that can increase performance, lower TCO, simplify management, and handle new and future workloads.

Modernize your infrastructure to improve the overall performance and reliability of your computing and storage environments with a simplified management experience

Data driven organizations require an agile and efficient IT infrastructure to meet the demand for fast, secure, and continuous data access. A fundamental first step in undertaking an IT transformation is to improve the speed and responsiveness for critical business applications and new workloads, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL).

Speed up your critical applications with the fastest end-to-end NVMe enterprise all-flash array and support 2 times more workloads and cut application response time in half

Empower your organization to move faster while reducing costs with hyperconverged solutions.

Easily manage and run multiple applications with the predictable performancethat your enterprise and customers demand. Scale compute and storage resources independently so you never pay for more than you need. And deploy in minutes with a turnkey cloud infrastructure that eliminates the complex management of traditional three-tier architectures. 

Deploy an elastic hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables you to start anywhere, run anywhere, and manage everywhere.

Unstructured data is growing 55% to 65% every year and object storage is an essential component to manage unstructured data at extreme scale.

Take control of all your rich content data with distributed object storage system that stores, protects, and preserves fixed-content data across multiple data centers in multiple geo zones. Employ a grid architecture, object data can be selectively distributed throughout the system, creating a highly automated system where data is continuously available where it should be, but nowhere else.

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